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The custom coins are metal coins that can be made in all kinds of colors, plating and designs. They have wide application ranges. You can add the name, logo, person name, picture and other information on the custom made coins. Do you know the purpose of challenge coins for sale? They are often used to reward people with outstanding performance and achievements. And having such a challenge coin is undoubtedly worth the pride of a lifetime.

Whether it is in any organization, school, army, etc., if someone makes an outstanding contribution in their field and is commendable, why not customize a unique challenge coin to them as a reward? This is the best way to embody their value and encourage others. The challenge coin can be used to commemorate and praise one person and one department. Of course, the challenge coin can also be used as a gift to soldiers, colleagues, friends, etc. as a souvenir to improve their morale and inspiration.

More and more organizations order custom challenge coins no minimum now. This is also the reason why the sales volume of challenge coins for sale is high. The challenge coins for sale are not only beautiful, easy to carry, but also resistant to dirt and long-term preservation, it is definitely worth collecting for life.

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Challenge Coins for Sale

Military Coins

There are mainly army challenge coins for sale, air force challenge coins for sale, navy challenge coins for sale and so on. Military challenge coins are a very special custom coin that military members often carry with them. It symbolizes the identity and unity of the military. In general, all of the military coins for sale are engraved with the unique logo to represent their organization.

California Air Guard Custom Coins

Award Coins

They can be used to boost morale among all of the members. For example, your car sales company has an excellent salesperson that had very good sales results this month. So customizing a unique challenge coin for him would be a great way to reward. You can add the employee's name, date of birth, position, years of work and even photo to the challenge coin.

General Technical Rescuer Award Coins

Police Coins

The police challenge coin has a long history of more than 100 years in the United States. In order to protect the safety of citizens, the police always fully committed during work. To commemorate and praise those brave polices, choosing our police challenge coins for sale a perfect way. Some famous polices may get the presidential challenge coin which is extremely collectible.

Sheriff Police Coins

Firefighter Coins

Firefighters are rescuers who have undergone rigorous fire training. Their main job is to put out fires that are dangerous to people and property. And they also help the victims in other disasters anywhere else. Their work is very arduous. They put their lives at risk to save others' lives. Customize the challenge coins for these respected firefighters! That would be very proud and cherished.

Chief Firefighter Custom Coins

The Craft of Challenge Coins for Sale – How to Choose?

According to the materials and crafts, the challenge coins for sale have the following categories.


Travel Sports Baseball Custom Coins

1. Soft Enamel Coins

The materials used for soft enamel coins are generally copper, iron, zinc alloy and so on. Among them, the iron coin is the most commonly used item. The surface has obvious unevenness, and the texture is quite nice. This is a very popular process and the price is relatively affordable. 

The color of the soft enamel coins is evaporated with a liquid pigment and evaporated. The color area will be one layer lower than the metal area, so the painted challenge coin looks layered. The change of light generated from different angles also makes the challenge coins look very conspicuous and beautiful.

ISMA Challenge Coins

2. Hard Enamel Coins

The main materials are generally copper, iron, zinc alloy and the like. The process is similar to enamel coins. The surface can be gold-plated, silver-plated and other metal colors as you like. Such kind of coins is smooth and delicate, giving us a noble feeling. 

Its pigment is a fine particle solid pigment. The color area is flush with the surface of the metal area, so the surface of the product is smooth and delicate. The high-quality challenge coins for sale are processed with collectible value.


PCP Challenge Coins for Sale

3. Sandblast Coins

Sandblasted challenge coins for sale are made of high-quality metal. The raised areas are highly polished and have a shiny appearance. The recessed areas have a matte texture or sandblasting, which creates a strong contrast. 

In this way, the logo design may stand out. Of course, if the challenge coins of sandblasting need to be colored, you can also choose soft enamel colors or hard enamel colors. These processes can be used on one challenge coin.

96th Troop Command Custom Made Coins

4. 3D /Cutout Coins

The 3D cast challenge coin provides a multi-layered surface at multiple angles to create a realistic three-dimensional look. Such challenge coins for sale are processed with visible three-dimensional and design. 

A good example is the bottle opener challenge coin that has been selling well. They are not only easy to carry but also beautiful and practical.  


Carrsville Elementary School Custom Coins

5. Antique Coins

That means to make the challenge coin retro so that the coin looks more historical. In some specific cases, choosing such a challenge coin design will make your challenge coin look more story-telling and interesting. 

The classification of custom made coins includes antique gold, antique silver, antique copper, antique brass and so on.  

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How to Make Challenge Coins?

Our website has a very convenient drawing system and a professional customization system. Every step is clear and easy to operate. You can choose the size, thickness, color, edge, plating, packaging method, etc. according to your own preferences to make the challenge coins.

1. Get Quote / Ordering System

Quote System

2. Design It Yourself Online System

Drawing System

In addition, no matter what style you want to do for your personalized coins, just send us an email. We will design the artwork for you free of charge until you are satisfied. We will offer challenge coins as per your request. The ordering process will be strict and professional.





What are the Plating Options?

If your friend shows you his personalized challenge coins, what is the first feeling that comes into view? Presumably, the first impression in our mind is the plating! Plating is the cornerstone of challenge coins. Appropriate plating can better reflect the design you want, including the police office logo, picture, text and so on. As you can see from the picture, our company offers you many plating options. For example, the antique series is highly historical, black metal looks solemn and mysterious. And two-tone finish plating is one of the most popular items because of the bright color and strong contrast. Anyway, any style you want can be transformed from ideal to reality.

Shiny CopperShiny GoldShiny SilverShiny Black NickelShiny Black Metal

Shiny Copper

Shiny Gold

Shiny Silver

Shiny Black Nickel

Shiny Black Metal

Antique CopperAntique GoldAntique SilverAntique BrassTwo Tone Finish
Antique CopperAntique GoldAntique SilverAntique BrassTwo Tone Finish



What are the Edge Options?

About challenge coins for sale, the following edges are all gorgeous styles. Choosing a specific edge based on your actual needs will make your coin look more elegant and glamorous. More Video of Coin Edges Information Here!

Standard EdgeBezel EdgeCross Cut Edge
Standard EdgeBezel EdgeCross Cut Edge
Oblique Line EdgeRope EdgeSpur Edge
Oblique Line EdgeRope EdgeSpur Edge



How to Pack the Coins?

To make the bulk coins arrive in good condition, we will use the following packaging methods generally. This is not only beautiful and practical but also blocks dust. The most important thing is that a good packaging method can protect the coins from rubbing. Of course, if you need the other packaging for coins display, such as a wooden display case, we can also purchase it for you.

PVC Pouch

PVC Pouch

  Clear Capsule

Clear Capsule

Velour Pouch

Velour Pouch

Velour Box

Velour Box

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As an excellent custom coin maker, Sale-challengecoins.com always strives to be the best. We have more than 20 years of experience in making challenge coins for sale and have received countless praises. We are professional in making all kinds of custom coins, such as military challenge coins, award coins, police coins, firefighter challenge coins and so on. Our quality products far exceed the expectations of our customers. Choose our company and you will get the best quality products at amazing prices. Moreover, our company will provide all customers with free artwork design and services for free air cargo.

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Various Styles

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Free Artwork & Shipping

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